Racine Unified 403(b) Information


At Michael Gorichanaz & Associates we utilize 403b ASP as the investment platform for our Racine Unified clients.

 For More information about 403b ASP or for a complimentary consultation contact us at 262-898-1694 or email jddematthew@hirep.net

Why choose us as your 403(b) advisor:

      ·        Local independent advice

·        Access to managed selection process and asset allocation models

·        Complimentary Financial Planning

·        Low cost management of your 403(b)

·        Consolidated Online Statements

·        Invitations to educational workshops

Managed Account Process:

·        Team Managed

·        Customized Review Process

o       Accounts actively monitored on a weekly basis

 o       Periodic Account Reviews on a pre-determined frequency

o       Proactively reviewed for tax efficiency

·        Comprehensive Financial Planning

o       Investment (asset) Management

o       Retirement Planning

o       Insurance Planning

o       Tax Planning

o       Education Planning

o       Legacy Planning

·        Family Matters – We provide advice and guidance to clients’ family members

·    Platinum Member Events


  "The Platform of Independence"

  "Why sacrifice your plan’s independence using a single investment provider solution?"

 "Other service providers promote themselves as a single solution to your 403(b) Plan by requiring you to limit investments to their products. The 403b ASP platform allows you to easily maintain the Plan using multiple investment providers while adhering to the new 403(b) regulations.

Our innovative web based technology gives the Plan an environment to bring together unrelated service providers in an integrated platform which creates a "bundled" environment for streamlining operations. The "bundled" approach gives you the freedom to select unbiased, industry-leading service provider options, and competitive pricing."                        -- 403b ASP FundSource